Open to U.S. Accredited Investors

The first NFT marketplace for business loans

Lend to U.S. small businesses
Earn monthly interest, backed by real-world collateral
Earn up to 23% APY
Trade 24/7

Lend to U.S. small businesses
Earn monthly passive returns
Earn up to 24% APY
Trade 24/7

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Original Joes, LLC.


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Big banks made


$250 Billion

lending to small businesses in 2023.

Now, it's your turn.

Banks make money by lending your deposits. Alpha lets you to cut out the middleman by connecting you directly with businesses looking for loans.

How it works

We make it easy to invest in small businesses

We Vet

Browse profitable real businesses

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3+ years in business
Cash flow positive
Strong mangement
You Lend

Crowdfund loans via an NFT drop

10,000 NFTs
Sold out 🔥
You Earn 🎉

Get interest payments monthly

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Traditionally, it would take an average of 8 years to unlock liquidity in private lending. With Alpha, it's possible from day 1.

🏆 Everyone wins. Except for banks.

Support local ecosystems and provide access to capital on friendly terms for entrepreneurs.

Earn up to 23% APY
Buy & Sell Ownership 24/7
Open to U.S. accredited investors
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Get lower interest rates than your bank
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Earn 1% of each secondary sale
Open to U.S. businesses
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Repayments every month

Interest payments get sent directly to you via airdrops every month
+ $62
+ $458
+ $754

Your return airdropped every month

Frequently Asked Questions

We are on a mission to make capital more accessible to businesses worldwide.

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How are your returns higher than other investments?
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